With a certification from Gail Walsh of Yoga Mountain, and from the International Association of Yoga Therapists, as well as a BA ED degree in Guidance Counseling, Bracha is well trained and well equipped to help bring you meaningful change in any area where you are feeling stuck or out of balance.
Working with a mind -body approach Bracha will custom design a Yoga Therapy protocol for you to experience meaningful change, a reduction in stress and an increase in a sense of balance and inner harmony.
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* 1:1 Yoga Therapy
      *  Thursday Afternoon Mini Bliss Retreats
* Rosh Chodesh Movement and Meditation Workshops
Unique evening Movement and Meditation Workshops  based on Kabbalistic insights into the nature of the upcoming month.
Come ready to move and be moved, while we generate positive visualizations and affirmations for the coming month! Wear comfortable clothing.

  Cost: $18:00 ($15 with class card)

 With Bracha and Brenda
Receive the benefits of complete relaxation!! 
Restorative yoga offers the student an opportunity to quiet the body while resting in comfortable passive postures, turn off the mind and settle into a place of inner peace! Combine the pleasure of that with hands on massage from Brenda Ghantous*, a Medical Massage Therapist with years of experience!
 These workshops are accessible to everyone and beneficial to anyone needing a more gentle approach to yoga or recovering from illness or injury, or to balance an active yoga practice.

      Cost :   Pre -Register  $35:00
Door:  $40
​Next Retreat : TBA

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*  Wilderness and Wellnesss
July 23-25th 2019

An opportunity to immerse yourself in Nature for a Replenishing and restorative experience!  
Kyacking, Hiking, Swimming, Massage  and 
 Tiferet Movement Yoga!
* Pregnancy and Labor  Support including Doula Services 
I can now add "Dona Trained Doula " to my professional CV baruch Hashem!
DONA stands for "Doulas of North America".   It is most exciting and opens the possibility for more work around birthing moms;  doing both more 
 pre-natal yoga and postpartum yoga and support! It feels like a really wonderful development and offers the awesome privilege of assisting women in a time that could be so wonderful, but for many unfortunately is often filled with anxiety, suffering, and fear.

Special Birth Support Events with Brenda and Bracha!!

Bracha: Certified Yoga Therapist and Dona trained Doula.
Brenda Ghantous: Massage Therapist and Dona trained Doula.

These  Special events will feature....

*Pre Natal Education Class!
*Pre Natal Yoga!
*Pre Natal Massage!
*Nutritious and Delicious Lunch!
*Diet Recommendations!