Tiferet Movement's "Dare to Rest" Shabassanah Retreat

Friday afternoon Oct 26th till Sun Oct 28th  

Join us in experiencing the true letting go of Shabbos 
with Meditation, Prayer, Torah teachings, Massage and Movement!

The Retreat will be held in conjunction with 
The Shabbos Project


email me
Space for the Retreat is very limited;

The  Retreat will be held in Monsey New York,
 or to be more specific, in my home which is  where the Tiferet Movement Yoga Studio 
 is located.
Exact address is 32 SouthGate Drive,
 Spring Valley, NY, 10977
Baruch Hashem, we have a large house and additional accommodations will be with nearby neighbors.

See pics of our space below.....

Includes  Special Yoga Program on Sunday.

For payment use PayPal to brachame@gmail.com
For Staff and  Retreat Schedule click here 
to Request a spot  at the Retreat please email Brachame@gmail.com
or fill out form on this page...