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Some Audio Classes for you to enjoy!

These are all from our  TLC* Sessions "On the Deck" from recent Retreats....

(*Torah Learning Circles, TLC for the Jewish Soul...)
The 2023 Retreat
The 2022 Retreat
*"Malchus " and Empowering our  **"Yechida"
* Malchus=Our Sovereignty
**Yechida=Highest aspect of Soul

Riki Rose is a Yiddish performer, singer, songwriter and comedian! Her music ranges from chazanus to chassidish heimish music to jazz, blues and soul and of course songs in English too! As soon as I heard Riki sing, I was moved to tears, (truly!) and decided that I MUST make a Concert to share her light with all of you! So here is the concert! Riki's music may make you laugh or cry, or both at the same time, but it will for sure touch your soul!

To watch a video of Riki singing click here
Chaya Solika Garbose is not just my beloved daughter-in-law, but she is also an accomplished actress, singer and budding artist. She is known for her memorable roles in the films and series directed by her mother Robin Garbose for the Orthodox Community. Most notably; Dina Silverman in Young Detectives of Tzfat (2015-2017), Stella in Operation: Candlelight (2014), Chani in The Heart That Sings (2011) and A Light for Greytowers (2007). 
We will be having other artists as well.....
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