BA in Education and Psychology
Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-500)
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)
Dona trained Doula 
Certified in PreNatal Yoga

Bracha has been studying and teaching Torah, Chassidus and Jewish Mysticism for over 35 years, and has been practicing Yoga for almost as long! 
Bracha provides a unique approach to the philosophy and understanding of the mind, body and soul from an integrated and Jewish perspective. 

Bracha learned Torah at Neve Yerushalyim, Machon Chana and Bais Chana , and taught at Machon and Bais Chana. She received her  Yoga Teacher  and Therapy Certifications  from Yoga Mountain under  Gail Walsh to whom she will be eternally grateful. 
Bracha continues to learn from and receives further yoga  training from Paula Heitzner 

Bracha is  registered with  Yoga Alliance and  also certified  by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


I have heard that
every yoga teacher needs to answer the question, even if just to her or himself, why they are motivated to teach yoga . For me, teaching yoga to observant Jewish woman is a real calling. I feel motivated to share with observant woman opportunities to take Torah teachings we are familiar with, teachings about Truth and Existence for example, and then provide an opportunity for this to be experienced from within.The Unity of Hashem and the Oneness within  all of Creation is a truth we are familiar with, intellectually, but have we experienced it? Have we experienced connecting to our very essence, using our breath which is really a pathway to our soul (breath/neshimah shares spelling with the word for soul/neshomah in Hebrew)? Have we been able to access the stillness within, that allows us to find the inherent  G-dliness within us all? How many opportunities do we give ourselves to fulfill the intention of the verse in Tehillim Chapter 46:11
"Be still and know that I am Elokim?"

I love teaching Yoga and I love teaching Torah, but most of all, I love teaching the integration of body and soul through Tiferet Movement!
"For my yoga teacher training I was required to find a mentor to observe by participating in their classes. I kept striking out at the various studios I had checked out in my area. Then, I saw an ad for a series Bracha would be conducting on the sefirot, which I found very intriguing, and it dawned on me ‘why not Bracha?’ Most people in my program find a teacher to observe - I found a Mentor! Bracha’s classes are both invigorating and centering. I truly enjoyed each and every single class! No two sessions are the same so the practice never got stale, it always remained fresh and alive! The poses and sequences she constructed were so thoughtful and innovative in the way she tied it all in to the classes theme. I walked away from each class feeling relaxed, centered, nurtured, and spiritually connected to the world! And even though my training is coming to a close and am not required to continue on with my observation I know I will be continuing to return to Bracha’s classes as her wisdom is priceless and I have much I can learn from her."
Chai Halper of My Chai Yoga